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MOVE Big Picture #2

Rossignol presents The Big Picture. The second installment of our 'behind the scenes' series following Chris Logan, Parker White and friends as they travel and film for our upcoming mini movie series 'Move'. In the second episode, Chris and Parker head to Interior British Columbia in search of powder and pillows. Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric, Tomahawk International, Tall T Productions, Bomb Snow Magazine, Cheetah Factory Racing, Cooke Knives. Skiers: Chris Logan, Parker White, Duncan Adams, Tanner Rainville Location: Interior British Columbia Music: "Lonesome" by Dr. Dog + "Never Going Back" by Caveman

Shay Kidder Lee

Shay wants to believe in Aliens, he thinks Kylo Ren "was a pussy" and he doesn't know a gosh darn thing about Frankenthumb. When we asked him what sort of music he has been "vibing with lately" he told us that he was becoming fond of gothic-synth-pop-rock...because it was "weird." Skier: Shay Kidder Lee Location: Montucky Artist: Eels Music: Flesh

Bomb Snow TV, S3 EP 4, FKNSNDR

Every year the cycle is the same. The air gets colder and the first dustings of snow start blanketing the mountains as excitement grows in the gut of the ski community. Gradually, the snow begins to pick up, new lines begin to fill, electrifying the imaginations of observing locals. Winter's cold brings the occasional frost bite as it passes. Spring finally comes, the snowpack settles to rest, and a late storm brings optimal conditions. The following days are what every ski turn, cliff send, booter-session, and powder day of the season have lead up to. Join the Bridger Brigade as they put down their après beers, strap on their boots, fire up their sleds, rip out into the mountains, and FKNSNDR!! Presented by: Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots FKNSNDR / A Bridger Brigade Production Edited by: Axel Peterson Videography and Production by: Axel Peterson Randy Evans Rob Raymond Steve Popovich Athletes: Axel Peterson Andrew Daigh Blaine Gallivan Brian Eckenrod Colter Brehmer Kyle Taylor Randy Evans Rob Raymond Silas Chickering-Ayers

Bomb Snow TV, S3 EP 3, SHOOK KITTY

Join in on an exclusive look into the world of Dick Aspen and his entourage as they perform death defying stunts somewhere out in the wilderness of Shook Kitty Country. Thanks for the continued support from Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots. Edit: Vinny T and Steve Popovich Additional Footage: Sean Fithian- Thanks bud, we owe ya! Axel Peterson / Rob Raymond - Bridger Brigade Productions Snow Stunt actors: Dick Aspen, Thomas Vincent, Rob Raymond, Adrian Dingle, Matt Wainhouse, Sean Fithian, Ian Wood

Bomb Snow TV S3 EP 2 That Japan Show

In the modern day, a globalized ski industry has transformed the ski bum's dream ski trip into a worldwide powder conquest. What were once 30 hour pilgrimages across the mainland U.S. have become inter-continental journeys through foreign societies. In episode 2 of Bomb Snow TVs 3rd season, the classic ski bum is united with the modern. 4 skiers in their mid 20s join with 4 of their 30, 40, and 50 year old counterparts on an epic journey to the one and only, JAPAN! Presented by: Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots Directed & Produced by: Bridger Brigade Productions Edited by: Axel Peterson Ski stunts performed by Marc Parent, Brian Eckenrod, Travis Andersen, Dylan Crossman, Axel Peterson, Rob Raymond, Randy Evans, & Mitch Evans Special Thanks: Rusutsu Resort (Marc Wyckmans & Paul Hanlon), Kamui Ski Links (Kenji Matsuzama), Asahikawa Grand Hotel (Takenori Kasai), Niseko United (Rhett Roylance), Moriarty's Pub (Morgan Cavanaugh), Mike Rogge, Double D & Yoshi

The Big Picture - Mtn Revised

Rossignol presents The Big Picture - The final episode of Chris Logan and Parker White's Mtn Revision series for 2015. Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric, Orage, Tomahawk International, Tall T Productions, Bomb Snow Magazine, Cheetah Factory Racing, Cooke Knives. Skiers: Chris Logan, Parker White. Location: Interior British Columbia,Wyoming, Montana Filmed & Edited by: Sean Logan Additional Shots: Etienne Merel, Darren Rayner Music: "Young" by Kins, "Withdrawal" by Max Frost, "I'm On Fire" by Bruce Springsteen

Bomb Snow TV Season 3, Ep 1

Nestled deep in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia, the Boulder Hut welcomed the Bomb Snow TV crew back for their second year. Owned and operated by Mark and Sarah Yancey and their two children, the hut provides a true backcountry experience; an ideal back-drop of large mountains, tight chutes, steep couloirs, and gladed powder runs. Better snow conditions and beautiful weather made it possible for us to ski lines and build jumps in places we had been drooling over the previous winter. The boulder hut is an optimal place to unplug for a week and shred powder with your friends. For us, it is the ultimate way to check out. Presented by: Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots Directed & Produced by: Bridger Brigade Productions Edited by: Ben Goertzen & Axel Peterson Ski stunts performed by Karl Fostvedt, Rob Raymond, Axel Peterson, Lars Chickering-Ayers, Ben Goertzen, McKenna Peterson, Mandy Torgerson, Colter Brehmer, Ty Guarino, & Kyle Taylor

Ben Goertzen’s Season Edit

It seems that every ski season builds upon the last and this past winter was no exception. By deciding to take a year off from the competition scene, I was able to focus my effort toward what I love most, filmmaking. Here is a collection of shots over the 14/15 season where I was on the other side of the lens. Good vibes only. To see what's in the works for 15/16 follow: #whataday Locations: Hokkaido, Japan - Floating With Purpose: British Columbia Wyoming Montana Filmed By: Axel Peterson Matt Evans Corey Seemann Nik Lampard Colter Brehmer Edited By: Ben Goertzen Music: "Lay it Right" - Speelburg *I do not own the rights to this music Sponsors: Tecnica Blizzard Smith Optics Discrete CAST Touring Soul Poles Backcountry Access Strafe Outerwear Goal Zero Special Thanks To: Mom & Dad Rich Hannah

Bomb Snow TV Season 3 Trailer

The Winter of 2014/15 was one for the books. We are stoked to bring you our third installment of BSTV, featuring our travels from Canada, Japan, Montana, & 'Merica. Tune in this fall to follow our shenanigans. First episode drops October 5th! Presented by Blizzard Tecnica Produced by Bridger Brigade Productions and Vinny T's Unsweetened Films Starring the Ski Stunt Acting of Dick Aspen, Colter Brehmer, Pat Cowan, Adrian Dingle, Lars and Silas Chickering Ayers, E-Rod, Randy Evans, Karl Fostvedt, Sean Fithian, Ben Goertzen, Axel Peterson, McKenna Peterson, Marc Parent, Travis Andersen, Dylan Crossman, Kyle Taylor, Tyler Morton, Ty Guarino, Rob Raymond, Thomas Vincent, Matt Wainhouse, Ian Wood and more...


YLESKI 2015 is the culmination of Wiley Miller’s 2015 winter season. Shot almost exclusively in the Columbia Mountains of interior British Columbia. The winter of 2015 was adverse in many areas of North America. Finding good conditions remained challenging. Patience, and persistence was key in finding safe, suitable snowpack. This is the second installment to the YLESKI series, highlighting the best of Wiley Miller and his approach to snow. “I set out this winter to spend my time exploring new mountains, scouting lines, and finding natural airs in the terrain to work with. This season ski touring, route finding, and line selection were set in priority above building jumps and locating step-downs. It was an alternative I decided to take when the snow started to fly in November of 2014. I set out to do more skiing and less building, setting up-tracks versus cutting blocks for jumps. The sport becomes so dynamic when you’re working with larger terrain. It’s challenging, I love the experience, and constant education that takes place out there in the mountains.” Produced and Edited by: Magnafire Media - Darren Rayner & Jan Schuster Filmed by: Darren Rayner, Freedle Coty, Austin Ramaley, Sean Logan Music: The Blue Angel Lounge - Looming Solid Massive Steamer

Bomb Snow TV - Chile ¿Por Qué No?

Bomb Snow spent five weeks exploring the incredible country of Chile. Along with CASA Tours we met up with locals, hit as many hot springs as possible, skied the best resorts and backcountry, experienced an earthquake, missed a volcanic eruption, and took in the festivities during Chilean Independence Day. If you're thinking of heading south this summer for Chilean Pow then, ¿Por Qué No? For the full story and additional photos head over to: Thank You!: Blizzard, Tecnica and Shredders: Dave Rosenbarger, Marcus Caston, Keely Kelleher, Chiqui Lizana, Meredith Eades, Alex Buecking, Ed Dujaurdin, Dave "Gomez" Johnson, Kyle Taylor, Alex Taran, Ian Wood, Sole Diaz. Filming: Kyle Taylor, Alex Buecking, Frank Shine Edit: Kyle Taylor

Cal Arnold’s 2014 Edit

Caleb Arnold's 2014 Edit. Caleb, Beau, and friends crawled around Montana to snake some shots from the winter. Filmed and edited by Beau Larson at Stem Christie Media. Song: Truth . Alexander

How to Make your own Pro Model

Bomb Snow Salad Bar Critic Jarid Gibson tours the 4FRNT Skis HQ in Salt Lake City, Utah and shows the basic steps of realizing your very own pro model ski.

The Big Picture- Mtn Revision 2

Rossignol presents The Big Picture - The second episode of Chris Logan and Parker White's Mtn Revision series for 2015. Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric Visual, Orage, Tomahawk International, Tall T Productions, Bomb Snow Magazine, Cheetah Factory Racing, Cooke Knives. Skiers: Chris Logan, Parker White, Adam Delorme and Iikka Backstrom. Location: Les Arcs, France. Baldface Lodge, BC. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Filmed & Edited by: Sean Logan Music: "Busman's Holiday" by Allah-Las, "To Old To Die" by Timber Timbre

The Big Picture Mtn Revision 1

Rossignol presents The Big Picture - The first episode of Chris Logan and Parker White's Mtn Revision series for 2015. Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric Visual, Orage, Tomahawk International, Tall T Productions, Bomb Snow Magazine, Cheetah Factory Racing. Skiers: Chris Logan, Parker White and Duncan Adams. Location: Canada Filmed & Edited by: Sean Logan Additional Footage: Etienne Merel Music: "Kanye" by Bogan Via

In Search of Skiing: Marquette

On a quest to figure out if the heart of skiing still has a pulse, Bomb Snow's journalistic duo headed to Marquette Mountain, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Thank you Sponsors: Xevo Optics, Panda Poles and Wildrye Distillery. Directed by: Gavin Gibson Cinematography and Editing by: Thomas Vincent

In Search of Skiing: Chatham

It's not Chatham's single electric rope tow. It's not the hand shoveled jumps, or the homemade grooming rake towed by a snowmobile. It's not the 50-year-old A-frame cabin at the bottom of the run with decades worth of carvings marking generations of children's passing or the bonfire outside surrounded by parents bundled up in Sorrels and snowmobile jackets. It's really about the absence of everything. The purpose of this place resonates easily through the empty hardwoods into my eardrums as the sound of laughter. Thirty shiny-nosed kids are having the time of their lives on a Wednesday evening, and now I know why Chatham is the kind of place where skiing still lives. Thanks to everyone that helped sponsor this journey: Xevo Optics, Panda Poles and Wildrye Distilling / / Video Produced by: Gavin Gibson and Shot/Edited by: Thomas Caywood-Vincent

In Search of Skiing: Mont Ripley

Hancock, Michigan Locals Bill Marlor and Lori Hauswirth share their home hill. Serviced by two double chairs and a T-Bar that never shuts down for wind, Ripley is hidden in plain view by a bigger mountain further north's marketing shadow. Without local-knowledge, nearly every one of Ripley's runs is visible from the base area. The total elevation is 444-feet. None of these facts matter because my cohort on this journey, Thomas, hasn't stopped giggling since he put his boots on. As a born-and-raised Montanan, this ski area is as foreign as the moon. Thanks to everyone that helped sponsor this journey: Xevo Optics, Panda Poles and Wildrye Distilling / /

Sickle Couloir Descent

Getting scared early season in the steep narrows of the Sickle Couloir. The Sickle is one of the 50 Classic ski descents of North America, and I have been eyeballing it for years now. Central Idaho has been getting hammered with snow so far this season, and we were stoked to get an early descent of the Sickle. I think it's safe to say we were the first down it this winter! It was an honor to get to shred it with Dylan Crossman and Karl Fostvedt! Cheers! Thanks to everyone that came out to the Fishhook Yurt for a few great days of skiing! Let's do it again next year. Special Thanks to Sun Valley Trekking, Bomb Snow, Cast Touring, Orage, 4FRNT, Mystery Ranch Backpacks, Smith Optics, Voke Tab, and everyone that's down to party

Take You There

If it was always easy to get there then everyone would be there when you arrived. Kyle Taylor, Randy Evans and Matt Evans know the the journey there is part of the fun and adventure of skiing. These boys always get it done -- Thanks for the edit Bomb Snow!!

Bomb Snow 10-Year Promo

The Bomb Snow 10-Year Book showcases a decade of unfiltered ski and board culture. "You won't want to take your eyes off of it." Buy here now:

Bomb Snow TV S2 E4 - CHAMONIX

During the month of March, we found ourselves in a world of chocolates, cigarettes, and extreme vertical relief, immersed in the seemingly unreal reality of Chamonix. Inspired by many years of Greg Stump films like the Blizzard of Aahhh's and License to Thrill, our stoke level rose with every meter gained as we ascended the Aquille du Midi for the first time. In Graduate School for "ski-extreme", the word gnarly is entirely redefined. With exposure that would pucker Chuck Norris and locals whose daily lives involve cheating death, our egos were immediately shoved down our throats. This first half of our euro-trip forever changed our conception of EXTREME. Editing: Axel Peterson The Bridger Brigade Video: Axel Peterson Kyle Christenson Rob Raymond Kyle Taylor Randy Evans Ryan Walters The Gary Bingham Laurent Frat Dave Rosenberger Athletes: Gabe Kelley Kyle Christenson Kyle taylor Randy Evans Matt Evans Rob Raymond Ryan Walters Axel Peterson Dave Rosenberger Vincent Mayer Sixer Wing Tai Barrymore Wing Suit: Larent Frat Special Thanks Gary, Anya, and Ayla Bingham for having us at the Vitamin Lodge and for the awesome time lapses ! Ben Verge Gabe Kelley Guille Hunt Valerie at Camping de I’lle des Barrats Vincent Mayer Larent Frat Concept Pro Shop Dave Rosenberger Glen Plake Music: “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” Bob Dylan “Standing at The End Of The World” Have Gun, Will Travel “Le Penitencier” David Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday

Bomb Snow TV: Episode One “Get While the Gettin’s Good”

You never know what early season skiing will entail. Sometimes the snow pack sucks, and sometimes the stars align and you get an incredible start to the season. With early snowfall and bomber conditions, this fall was a great start to the winter in Montana. Eager to keep the fresh turns coming, The Bomb Snow crew set out chasing storms down to Utah and north to Canada. We made the most of what we had, and had some great adventures along the way. Directed & Produced by Axel Peterson/ Bridger Brigade SHOT BY: Axel Peterson, Reid Morth, Ryan Walters, Steve Popovich, Sean Fithian, Henry Worobec, Wes Huestess, Randy Evans, Rob Raymond, Kyle Taylor EDITED BY: Axel Peterson SNOW SHREDDERS: Randy Evans, Kyle Taylor, Ty Guarino, Ry Phipps, Dylan Crossman, Axel Peterson, Steve Popovich, Pat Cowan, Sean Fithian, Shane Stalling, Reid Morth, Henry Worobec, Micah Hogeveen, Andrew Daigh, Joe Jasper, Colter Brehmer, and Friends...

Bomb Snow TV: Episode Three “Oro Y Plata”

We spent the month of February in our homeland of Montana. Directed & Produced by: Radbots & Bridger Brigade Edited by: Sean Fithian & Axel Peterson Filmed by: Radbots & Bridger Brigade MUSIC: Hank William III "Country Heroes" The Builders and the Butchers "Black Dresses" Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats "13 Candles" Benji Stone "White Powder Mountains"

Bomb Snow TV: Episode Four “Shallower, Closer, Shorter”

After a rowdy eviction party, we hit the road early on April 1st with Alaska segments from old MSP and TGR movies burned in our brains. With 2500 miles in front of us, we knew we were in for a long ride, but the prospects of skiing steep blower spines kept our spirits high. Loaded with 5 snowmobiles on an old rusty trailer, we were clueless as to the hardships that would be brought on by the rough roads of Northern Alberta and the Yukon. Bomb Snow TV Episode 4, the last of the season produced by the Bridger Brigade, is a brief account of our adventures to Alaska. From Montana, to Valdez, to Haines, and back to Montana, our journey was filled with highlights and disasters. We have gained a new understanding and appreciation for the Alaskan skiing journey. After 7 days and 6 nights in the truck, 4 blown trailer tires, and 2 broken trailer arms, our hardships were outweighed by a plane drop and an unreal 4 days spent on a glacier in Haines (Minute 10). Needless to say, the Alaskan experience was humbling. The sick terrain and incredible challenges have revamped our ambition toward skiing. With new determination and new goals, nothing will stop us from spending our Spring's in Alaska. Created By: The Bridger Brigade Directed and Produced by: Axel Peterson, Rob Raymond, Randy Evans, Henry Worobec Videography: Axel Peterson, Henry Worobec, Randy Evans, Rob Raymond, Tyler Morton, Mark Rainery Shredders: Randy Evans, Kyle Taylor, Henry Worobec, Axel Peterson, Rob Raymond, Mark Rainery, Tyler Morton Edited by: Axel Peterson and the Bridger Brigade Photography: Travis Andersen Special Thanks: Voke Tab, Caravan Skis, Smith Optics, Drake Olson @Fly Drake, Bill Buchbauer, Fort Seward Lodge, Mike @Mikes Bikes and Boards, The Radbots, Alaska Backcountry Outfitter, Tailgate Alaska, Alaska Brewing, Kyle Christenson and his piece of S***T trailer, Bozone Brewery, Beer and Pow, Tecnica Blizzard, Orage,

Bomb Snow TV S2 Trailer, “A Gentlemanly Lifestyle.”

Bomb Snow TV is back at it again with another season chock full of leisurely activities sure to wet the appetite of any winter enthusiast. Follow the boys as they drive around the States, dreaming of Japanese and European ski vacations, all while shralping their way into Canada and further north into the deep Alaskan wilderness. This is Season 2, "A Gentlemanly Lifestyle." We will be dropping the ball monthly starting sometime in December. Until then, work on your ground strokes. Principal Cinematography, editor and director- Axel Peterson and the Bridger Brigade

Bomb Snow TV S2, EP 1: In Search of Solstice

The Bomb Snow crew has been getting after it since the first snowfall of the season. Searching for Solstice documents the cold wet storms that hit Montana in December 2013, frequently dropping their loads across most of the state. Although the early season has seen wide ranging temperatures resulting in un-bonded layers and rotten snow near the ground, we've been lucky enough to get a pleasant amount of snow fall and we're still smiling. A friend said it best, “This has been a very emotional winter so far.” Even though we've had to constantly be on our toes and heels (rocks are still creeping below the surface) the skiing has still been deep. With the occasional short trip around Bozeman to find new terrain, revisiting some favorite zones and skiing some at the resort, the short days of December have been plenty good to us. Presenting Sponsor: Tecnica Blizzard Supporting Sponsors: Dakine, Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, Voke Tab, Caravan Skis, Mystery Ranch, Cast Touring System Skiers: Rob Raymond, Kyle Taylor, Randy Evans, Axel Peterson, Mckenna Peterson, Henry Worobec, Bill Buchbauer, Colter Brehmer, and Dylan Crossman, Ryan Walters Video: Axel Peterson, Drew Stoecklein, Rob Raymond, Randy Evans, Todd Heath Editing: Axel Peterson Bridger Brigade Special Thanks to: Pure Barre Bozeman, Nedley Dew Chester, Miner Saloon, Bridger Bowl, Mr. Fred Rodgers, Travis Andersen, Jager Palace, Smith Optics, Radbots, where is Steve Popovich?, Bridger Bowl, Erod, Marc Parent, Arcs Ski Tuning

Bomb Snow TV S2 E2- Boulder Hut Adventure

The Annual pilgrimage up to BC proved to be successful even under high pressure and sketchy avalanche conditions. This January, the Bomb Snow team heli'd into the Boulder Hut just west of Cranbrook, BC in the Purcell Mountains to enjoy a full week of fantastic skiing, lodging and camaraderie. Editor, Director, Producer: Axel Peterson, Bridger Brigade Productions Music: Elliot Brood- Write it all Down for You // Skiers and Filmers: Colter Brehmer, Randy Evans, Matt Evans, Axel Peterson, Kyle Taylor, Rob Raymond, Bill Buchbauer, Henry Worobec, Ryan Walters, Dylan Crossman Thank You: Tecnica Blizzard, Dakine, Voke Tab, Mystery Ranch, Caravan Skis, CAST Touring Special Thanks: Mark and Sarah Yancey for an unforgettable experience at the Boulder Hut. See you again next year!

Bomb Snow TV S2 E3- Taming Strange

This winter brought change to some of the Bomb Snow crew members as they decided to split off from Montana and join the full-time RV life with some friendly folks in Washington State. Sean, Mark and Tyler decided to buy a camper and move to Steven's Pass in order to pursue their dreams of living in a van up on the mountain. The parking lot life was a new adventure in itself. Beautiful in it's simplicity, life was good. Eat, shovel, snowboard, sleep, repeat. Jibbing logs, airing RV's, and bonking houses in order to get by while the low tide hung around indefinitely was part of their daily routine. Fresh terrain, endless campfires and weekend mayhem ensued and then a quick trip back to Montana for a refreshing couple weeks of the light stuff.

Bomb Snow TV: Episode Two “Revelstuck”

The Bomb Snow Brigade sent it up North to Revelstoke, British Columbia for the month of January to chase deep pow and explore new zones. Upon arrival, 40-60 + cm of fresh made for unbelievable shredding. Stop number one of the Freeride World Tour was set to take place early the first week, but was delayed due to consistent snow. After a week of freeskiing the resort, the comp went down and did not disappoint. Huge airs and burly lines were thrown down on 'Mac Daddy' face, and it was the smooth, fluid lines that came out on top. After the competition, we fueled the sleds and explored the endless terrain surrounding Revy. We met up with a few locals and friends, and got after it while the conditions were prime. A huge wind event took place upon the skies breaking blue, leaving the alpine scoured or loaded. However, the tree/pillow skiing remained all time. The wind spell did not last long, and soon enough the skies were puking powder once again. Rogers Pass was our calling for a solid week of touring. Rogers is a unique area, sketchy and rewarding. Around every corner is another corner, and another, full of chutes, faces, pillows, and glaciers. It was mind-blowing to become more familiar with the terrain and see the potential the Pass holds. We were extremely fortunate to spend time with such amazing people in Revelstoke and to be able to explore and ski such sick terrain. There were countless 'zones' added to the check list for next year. Hope you enjoy our second episode, and hope you get REVELSTUCK! Directed & Produced by Bridger Brigade Edited by Axel Peterson / Bridger Brigade Voice Over by the one and only Rob Raymond SHOOTERS: Axel Peterson, Randy Evans, Kyle Taylor, Ryan Walters, Henry Worobec CHUTERS: Randy Evans, Kyle Taylor, Axel Peterson, Colston VB, Ryan Walters, Connor Gliege, John Carpenter, Hazal Ural, Lars Chickering-Ayers, Silas Chickering-Ayers, Brodie Evans, Luke Nelson, Special thanks to Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Canada, Coloston VB, Brodie Evans, Leah Evans, Sabina Spahman and roomates, The Last Drop, Caravan Skis, Cast Touring System, Voke Tab. MUSIC: Band: Ghoul "Into the Catacombs" Band: Holograms "ABC City" Band: Hells Fire Sinners "Hangin" Band: Kitchen Dwellers "EchoNiner" Band: Scotch Greens "GR"

Bomb Snow TV S2 E5 – Ski Festa Italiana

Ba ba da boopi!! After two solid weeks spent exploring Chamonix, we continued on with our European adventure toward Cortina. Drawn by rumors of endless couliors and trams, deep pow, and leather and fur clad cougars, we packed nine dudes, 18 pairs of skis, and a seemingly endless supply of meat and cheese into a rental van and headed for Italy. After a questionable Saint Patty's day spent crashing a family birthday party followed by a night spent on a random beach outside of Venice, we finally found ourselves in the Dolomites. Editing: Axel Peterson Randy Evans Matt Evans The Bridger Brigade Athletes: Rob Raymond Ryan Walters Zach Halverson Kyle Taylor Randy Evans Matt Evans Axel Peterson Sixer Kyle Christenson Marcus Caston Chris Tatsuno Johan Jonsson Special Thanks: Stefano Mantegazza Sam Cook Lorenzo at Hotel Bellina The Town Of Caorle "Mosquito" Bar Europcar Bumblebee drivers Music: "Mambo Italiano" Rosemary Clooney "Cadillac Dust" - Eliott Brood "Con Te Partiro" - Andrea Bocelli

Bomb Snow TV S2 E6 - AFRICA

Bomb Snow TV S1 Trailer